Friday, August 31, 2012

Finally, here are a few pics.


Louise & C-A-S-E-Y                                                 


If you don’t drive on this Bumble bee, you won’t drive over the sprinkler head that it is protecting on Sam and Jill’s lawn.


MJ’s birthday cake that Lorie cooked.


Birthday girl.


Clancy and Lorie


Clancy and Dash


Me, MJ, Sam and Jill.


What is it???????????????????????


What animal is this?  Found in the woods.





We have moved from Goose Lake to our friends Clancy and Lorrie, in Lone Butte.  It was getting just a bit too cold to stay at the lake.  Clancy has an infected finger and has been going to the hospital for the last few days getting antibiotics through an IV.  So, we are helping out with cutting, chopping, and stacking wood with them.

  Today, Friday the 31st, we went to a farmer’s market in 100 Mile House.  It was sooooo cold. Tomorrow, we are going to another market at Loon Bay Resort, which is about 27 kms from here.

We are planning on moving on to Logan Lake on Tuesday of next week.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


First, I must apologize to Kara for having spelled her name wrong.  Sorry Kara with a K.

We are moving to Lone Butte at Lori's and Clancy's house on Sunday or Monday, it got just a bit cold at Goose Lake, so road trip.

Talking of road trips, we went to Kamloops for a bit of shopping and visited with Sam & Jill and lucky for us, Sam's bro, Claude was there.  We had a great visit.

Then yesterdays we drove to Clearwater to get MJ's driver's license renewed.
Today we are (guess where) in Clearwater for the farmer's market and laundry.

Our friends Doug and Vera have left Goose Lake on Friday (yesterday), so pretty quiet these days at the lake.

Tks you Janice and Gerald for correcting my spelling of Kohlarabbi and telling me what it was.

Will publish pics later.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Busy week.

We had all kinds of visitors and friends coming to camp.

First there was Sam & Jill’s son Tad and his wife Aletha, Jill’s sister Jane and her hubby Murray and last but not least, Sam & Jill’s other son Marty and his partner Cara.

Along with that, Casey and Louise came to visit one day and our friend Elizabeth and her two dogs Agnes and Hector visited. 

Yep, all in the same week. Whew.  We had a ball.  Fishing, telling fish stories and lies……. by the campfire.

Everybody is gone now, however, Sam & Jill will be back Sat or Sun.

Aug 8th, Wednesday

Rain, thunder and hail.  Lasted just long enough to get everything wet

Aug 9th, Thursday.

We got up with all intentions of going fishing and neither one of us felt like it.  MJ suggested that we go for a road trip to 100 Mile house and on the way stop in Lone Butte to say hi to our friends Clancy and Lori.  We did just that, unfortunately, Lori was on the coast, but had a great visit with Clancy.  He gave us some potatoes, carrots, beets and a veggie that we had not heard of before, but tastes very good.  It is called a Collaradi, may not be the right spelling, but is awesome. 

Aug 11th, Saturday, to Farmers market in Clearwater to sell some of our crafts, library, bottle depot, groceries and hopefully a hair cut for both of us.


Sam & Jill


Tad and Aletha


Jane & Murray


Cara, Marty, Tad and Aletha


The whole gang minus Marty and Cara.


Elizabeth and doggies


Agnes, aka Aggie


Hector, aka Heckie


Hail on back of truck.


Me having lunch at view point above Lac Des Roche.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More pics.


MJ showing the size of the big fish she lost.  (you wish)



Kathy’s first fish in her new float tube.






Kathy & MJ launching of at ----------- lake.


CJ’s truck being piggy backed to Clearwater.  Wouldn’t  start even with a boost.  Battery was capput.


Don’t disturb us, we are reading.


CJ, Kathy and princess Sophie


Am I cute or what



Kathy and MJ jammin’ it by the campfire


Five beauties.



CJ & Kathy ready to go.


Couple of kids who came fishing with their grandparents.

Too cute not to post.



and I thought there was no such place as Timbuktu.


Doug and Vera have arrived, Don, Marla and their daughter Lan visited.   Kathy and CJ are gone.  C-A-S-E-Y and Louise visited and Sam and Jill have arrived.  No dull moment at Goose.  Gotta love it.  We have had nice sunny days, thunder and lightning shows, rain and what not, but we are still happy to be fulltime rv’ers.


Today, Aug 2.  Very windy.  Just sat at home and worked on our crafts.  Went for a little walk in mid afternoon.