Friday, September 21, 2012

Just chillin'

Have been here a week and not a moment to spare.

Dinner with Phil and Doug.

Lunch with Marc. 

Making appointments with friends to meet them for dinner.

Went to see doctor for new meds for the next 6 months.

Changed all our insurance policies, ie. truck, trailer, house to come up for renewal in Sept. and not when we are away.

Checked out several medical travel insurance companies and got really frustrated.  Today, Friday, Sept. 21, we went to BCAA and got the best price and hopefully best coverage yet.  There is a secret to their premium structure that we were told.  If anyone needs insurance and wants to know the secret, let me know.

 Never thought we would become Surrey girls.  lol

We are getting to know the Surrey and White Rock areas as we find where Costco, Save on Foods and other stores are situated. 

We are now in the library at the camp ground, as the wifi does not work anywhere else.  Guess there are worse things than having to walk here and get the net.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We are at our transition home.

Sept 11th
Went to Sam & Jill's in Kamloops to leave a bunch of stuff that we don't need in the US.
Went out for dinner and slep there overnight.

Sept 12th
S & J had a louvered tail gate that was sitting in their garage doing nothing, so they gratefully lent it to us for our trip south and see if we like it.  We love it.  A lot easier to hook up and unhook the 5th wheel.  They also lent us their tote for dumping our black water.  That will also be great down south.
We left them with a bit of heavy hearts, and headed back to Logan Lake.
Had a great dinner with Charlie and Lynden that evening.

Sept 13th
Left Logan Lake with still another heavy heart.
Drove to Langley and parked at Walmart.

Sept 14th
Went to our trailer repair guy in Langley.
Had our wheel bearings packed and in the process of taking the wheels off, noticed that 2 of our brake pads were cracked, so had pads replaced on all 4 wheels. 
Then drove to Peace Arch RV park.  They are full.  We are parked in some overflow parking.  Only hook up is hydro.
Did our laundry in evening.

Sept 15th
Went for a walk around the park and a bike ride.
Went to Phil (MJ's bro) and Doug for a wonderful dinner and watched a DVD.

Sept 16th Sunday
Today, we are moving to a more permanent spot with water, sewer, electricity and cable.
Woohoo, we are moving up in the world.

Monday, September 10, 2012

cold morning

This is what we woke up to this morning.  yukkkkkk



Sunday, September 9, 2012

We are on the move.

We left Lone Butte on Tuesday the 3rd.  Drove one whoppin’ 77 miles to Logan Lake.  In that whoppin’ 77 miles was the Ashcraft hill that seemed to be another 77 miles.  Went to Charlie and Lynden’s to visit in the afternoon of Wednesday and they joined us for a campfire that evening.  Along with a tub of soft ice cream. yummy.

Today, Thursday, we went for a bike ride this morning and who knows what will happen later in the day.

Must mention the great hospitality we received from our friends Clancy & Lorie.  We were treated to a great dinner of ribs with all the trimmings.

The night before, we were all invited for dinner at Clancy’s brother Bernie and sister in law Nadine for another great dinner of chicken and all the trimmings.  On that day, we met Clancy’s bro Barry and Wife Barb from Surrey.

Some pics of us at Lone Butte and our new site here.


Lorie going to get more logs.



She’s a lumberjack and she don’t care.  (MJ that is)


Holly in the foreground, grand daughter of Lorrie and Clancy

Lorrie, MJ,  Nadine & Bernie, Clancy.  Bernie is Clancy’s bro and his wife Nadine.


Our set up at Lone Butte.


Our set up here at Logan Lake.

Got really cold and windy, so we moved to Lynden and Charlie’s house this morning, Sunday, Sept. 9th.  Will stay here til Thursday, then to the coast for about a month.  Tuesday, we will be going to Kamloops to visit Sam and Jill to store some of our stuff.  We will sleep there and come back to Logan Lake on Wednesday.