Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just another gorgeous month in paradise.

Can’t remember all that happened the last month since last posted but will give it a go.

We had a great week with Kathy and CJ and their friends Penny and Joann.  Also, our friend Mel, whom we had not seen in years and her partner Claudia visited one afternoon.  Played bocci, bean bag toss and golf ball toss.  Had quite the busy week.

Went to dinner at Marie and Joe’s (Janice’s parents).  Dinner at Nick and Kathy.  Had Lynn and Wayne over at our house.  Yep, we do enjoy eating with company.

The weather has turned out real nice and that brings idiots on the water.  Where we are, the current can be quite strong.  A couple days ago we heard yelling “help” from our trailer.  We both jumped out of bed and into our clothes and went out to see a few campers out with their binoculars and looking out to the water.  There was a kayaker who had overturned in the water.  Got my cell phone out and called 911, but someone had already called and Search and Rescue came to his rescue.  His kayak was taken away from him by the current and he could not reach it.  Search and Rescue called the lady who had called them and said that the guy was at the hospital, hopefully he made it and will not be so foolish as to ride that current alone again.

Today, July 24th, we are in Campbell River shopping, MJ’s mammogram and dinner at Lynn and Wayne’s.  Yep, dinner again.  Gotta eat, might as well be with friends. Wayne took us fishing after dinner.  each caught a few ling cod, but too small to keep.

This is now the 25th, since I did not finish inserting the pics to publish.

Friends we met in Yuma, Ramsay and Gloria from Victoria came to visit this afternoon.  Nice to see them again.

Some pics ahead.


Sunset from paradise.

IMAG0168 IMAG0171

Anyone know what kind of wood this is?


This dog came to visit one day, he came from down the road.

IMAG0149 IMAG0150

Guy parked this beautiful hot rod next to me in the parking lot.


MJ with our new sun oven, cooking pork


DSCF8148 DSCF8149

Lady gave us a couple pieces orange, chocolate cheese cake.

MJ being funny with the chocolate on the cake.


The 12th biggest pleasure craft in the world:  The Serena, out of the Cayman Island.


This guy was eating maple leaves in our back yard.