Monday, September 30, 2013


testing if I can put my blog on facebook.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

We’re home.

I forgot to mention our wonderful dinner with our friend Elizabeth during our  month (5 days) in Richmond and Vancouver.  Told you we were busy.  Sorry, Betsy.  On our way home, we stopped in Courtenay and had an evening with Claudia.  Slept there and left the next morning

  Great to be home.  The weather welcomed us here this morning with a rain storm that lasted all day and then wonderful sunshine in late afternoon.  A bit of a power outage in the morning.  We even had a campfire this evening.  We are the only campers in the park.  Nice and quiet.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In Richmond since the 21st.

Have had a full month since we got here.  Month ??????, no, no, just 5 days.  Feels like a month, we have done so much and have been to so many places.  Visit with Kathy, Mary and Bonnie, Marc and David and of course Phil and Doug.  Went for appointments with oncologist, pick up meds at cancer clinic, ultra sound, BCAA (to purchase travel insurance for down south). Today, eye doctor and truck doctor (Ford).  And, of course, some shopping.  Gotta go have a nap.  lol

Friday, September 20, 2013

Nice rainy day.

Yup, just the right time to do a bit of blogging.  Rained all night and here it is 1 pm and still non stop.  Hey, can’t complain, had a nice summer.

  For those of you who know MJ & I as obsessive fisher people, you will be surprised to hear that we did not fish once this summer.  Wat up wit dat?  Dunno, just didn’t feel like it.  We were going to leave our fresh water gear at Phil and Doug’s house for next summer, but decided not to cut our noses just yet, so we are storing it at Nick and Kathy’s here on Quadra and maybe, just maybe the fishing bug will hit us again next summer.

MJ has been teaching Janice’s mom, Marie how to play the guitar.  Marie comes over from Campbell River and her hubby, Joe goes for a round of golf.  She is getting pretty good.

Went for dinner at some people we met, Ron and Linda, last Sunday.  Had a great time.  there were 8 of us and had a great dinner and visit.

We are done as camp hosts as of Sept. 15th and are enjoying being regular campers.  You have a problem, talk to the hand…….. We moved from the host site to a sunnier site as the host site does not get much sun.

Our friends Sheila and Bob from Comox are here for a few days camping with their little dog Honey.  They will keep and eye on our trailer while we are in Richmond.  Leaving tomorrow, Sat the 21st and returning the 27th.  Nice to know there is someone here to do that.



These two pics were taken in Campbell River



Totem poles in Cape Mudge native village.



Petro glyphs at native village



Our campsite.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Yep, we had rain for two days solid.  Well, just about solid.  Thursday, we went shopping for bikes in Courtenay, we thought that the rain would never stop.  Rain and wind.  Then we get to the ferry and the wind and rain just kept coming.  The ferry was bee boping up and down and we were a bit scared to get on.  However, we were ok.
We did get a couple nice bikes at Walmart.  While in Courtenay, we visited with Mel and Claudia. 
They had us over for lunch with a cake and birthday cards.  It was MJ's birthday and they bought me a card also, cuz I whined.  lol Nice to see them.

Now, let's go back a bit.  Over a month since my last blog

We went to visit with Lynn and Wayne in Campbell River and Wayne took us fishing in his boat after dinner.   We both caught about 5 ling cods.  They were too small to keep.  Great couple hours.

We saw a couple orcas surfacing a couple weeks ago.  Really neat.  Too bad they were so far.

We have been busy making wind chimes for the farmers markets on Saturday.  Still having fun with our crafts.

There was a campfire ban for about 10 days here, but needless to say, no ban now after that much rain.

Janice and Gerald had us over for dinner to celebrate MJ's birthday.  Janice's mom and dad and a couple friends, Nick and Kathy were there.  Great food and great company.

Went to Campbell River with Sheila.  Her and her hubby are campers here and we have become friends.  The objective of the trip was for MJ and Sheila to play bingo (boring) at the casino, and me go shopping on my bike.  But we get there, and there is no bingo.  We had dinner and I took off shopping and they played the slots for an hour.

Back to the present.  There were fish jumping all day in front of us.  Finally, this evening, a few orcas were surfacing.  Still too far to take good pics, but still quite interesting to see.  Seems that when fish are jumping, the whales follow.  This had happened a couple weeks ago.




These are pics of a couple weeks ago.



This big guy is always sitting in front of us on a log.


Well, this is all for tonight.  Hopefully, there will be more blogs in the future.  But, don’t hold your breath.  Procrastination is my middle name.