Thursday, November 22, 2012

Visitors here, we visit there.

 Yep, we had visitors from BC here a couple days ago.  Ron and Roberta, friends we had not seen since summer of 2004 came to visit.  Got in touch on Facebook and voila, we got together.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we went to visit Denise and the “Pand” as she pronounces it in her Newfie accent.  To the rest of the world it is a Pond.  Quite a nice spot where she is.

Today, Thursday, Nov. 22 is the American Thanksgiving.  The section of the park called Hurricane Ridge has organized a turkey feast, where someone cooks a turkey and we all bring a side dish to share.  Called pot luck.  yummy.



DSCF6657 DSCF6654

Burros,  they are soooo cute.


Sunset on Don’s Inukshuk.


A couple has these two wonderful parrots.



Trevor with his Yurt.  Go and google yurt, you will get lot more info than what I can give.




This duck or goose has a tuft of hair on the side of his head.  Can’t find him in my bird book, maybe this is a feather malfunction……. Can anyone help with a name?


Some kind of heron, I would say.  Gerald, Janice and Doug, one of you should know.



Denise’s rig, and campfire.




Yep, I’m cooking potatoes and chicken in my Cobb grill.

However, when we sat down for dinner, the potatoes were not cooked.

What up wit dat, Denise, this is the second time you serve us raw potatoes…….




Scenery from Denise’s coach



There is that bird again.

DSCF6733 DSCF6734 DSCF6735

Smoke from fire at a food processing plant on our way to the “Pand”.  Smell at the campsite was not too nice, but bearable.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

33 degrees to 18 in a flash.

Yep, we had winds gusting at 29 mph and cold.  Today, it is cloudy and 19 degrees.  Are we complaining, noooooo.  It is still better than rain. 

When the wind comes up here, it is strong enough to take the horns off bulls.  No, really, I’m serious.  lol

We have been taking our walks up and down the hills around here.  We follows the Burro trails.  Get to see neat stuff.




MJ & Don


MJ navigating a burro trail.

DSCF6649 DSCF6650

Does anyone know what this is?  Touched it and didn’t move.



our pets.



DSCF6634 DSCF6632

Our little grand canyon.


Rigs from top of hill.




Trailers at Hidden Valley resort.



Some kind of Cactus.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 degrees is a bit hot.

Monday Nov 5th

But we are managing quite nicely.

  We have met some very nice people.  Have been invited to the community campfire, to the thanksgiving picnic, and to the Christmas gift exchange. 

We bought some golf clubs at the Christian Centre thrift shop, (here at Imperial dam) at the astronomical price of $.50 a piece.  It broke the bank.  Now we have to practice for when we go to the par 3 course.  That should be a barrel of laughs.  Hopefully, no one will be around to get bonked on the head by our stray balls.

Went to buy an 800 watt inverter yesterday.  MJ has it hooked up directly to the batteries.  No more plugging in the lighter receiver.  Now we can watch tv without putting the generator on  The old way, we were taking too much off the battery so we turned the generator on for extra power.  Nice and quiet. 

Our air conditioner in the truck has seen better days and it’s too darn hot here to be driving around without a decent cooling system.  Tomorrow, we are going to Yuma to get it fixed.  awwww, I can feel that cool air on my face.

Tuesday Nov 6th

Did get the air fixed.  Don’t know if there is a leak or not.  Put some freeon or whatever they put in there and have to wait and see if it leaks.  Feels way cooler than it did before.

MJ needed shoes, so, 5 stores later, we have shoes.  Then to the dreaded laundry.

Wednesday Nov. 7

Yesterday, our neighbour Don asked us if we wanted to go for a bike ride around the lake.  After hemming and hawing for a while, we said yes.  Actually, I’m the one (Leona) who hemmed and hawed.  Well, what a freaking ride.  Never again in this heat, 28C at the time.  Took us 3 hours.  Spectacular views, but tooooooooo hot.

Here are a few pics.


Burros are everywhere. 


One of our pets.  Great tailed Grackle. Male


Another pet, Great tailed Grackle.  Female


Pet no 3, Red winged blackbird.

We feed these three birds everyday at happy hour, otherwise, they let us know.


Double crested Cormorant


Great Egret




DSCF6584  DSCF6582

These palm trees produce dates.  They are planted in rows upon rows, upon rows.  Fields of these trees  for days.  Quite nice to see.  We can see the dates on the trees as the harvest is done in Sept. and we only get here in Oct. bummer.


Pic on today’s bike ride.



Tree with green bark.


Our rig from across the water.


Some prickly tree.


Scenery on our bike ride.