Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rain has finally stopped.

In my last post (yesterday) I said the rain had stopped.  Yep, it had stopped for about 15  minutes and started as soon as I had published my post.   It rained til : 10:30 last night.  Total of 28 1/2 hours.  Now, am I to assume this is all the rain we will get this winter?  Last winter it hardly rained at all.  Wishful thinking on my part????????????????????

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rain, rain, rain.

Who said it never rains in the winter in the desert?  It has been raining steady from 6 o’clock last evening and just stopped a few minutes ago (3 pm).  But, it’s better than where we are from.  The weather in BC is in the minus Celsius.

Our friends from Logan Lake, Lynden and Charlie got here about a week ago.  Friends from Vernon, Mike and Donna arrived yesterday.

We have started bowling.  Our buddy Lynn organized a bowling night at the army base.  There were 9 of us last Monday.  Lynn, Wayne, Eric, Jim D, Jim B, Lynden, Charlie, MJ and me.  Cathy was with us also as an encourager, spectator.  We all had a ball.  Looking forward to going again next Monday.  Maybe will have some pics.

We have also started guitar and uke playing on the ridge (our area of the BLM).  We have Linda, Louise, Wayne, Lynn, MJ and me.  Here are a couple of pics. of us at Wayne and Lynn’s house.

Uke lessons for me have started two Mondays ago.  I really need it.  lol


My Uke teacher Gord stopped by to lend us his vocal chords.


Louise, Leona, MJ and Linda



Sunday, November 17, 2013

We have moved.

Yes, we have moved to a quieter place.  We did not move to Timbucktu, but just a ways up a little hill.  Still close to all our Snowbird friends.

We bought new reclining chairs.  Awwww.  so comfy.  One of our friends Jim bought our old chairs.

And, we broke down and got our fridge repaired.  We did all we could with the advise of our friend Gerald and other friends here, but the cold box gave up the ghost. 


Jim,MJ and I moving our two 6 x 10 panels.   Easier than dismantling them and rebuilding.

Trl view from above

View of our set up taken by our buddy Trevor.


Jim (standing) bought our chairs.  Jim (sitting)  helped put the chairs in the truck.


Our yard at night.


One of the local inhabitants.  Was quite small.


New back of fridge.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fridge is not on the fritz.

Nope, we did not have our fridge rebuilt, just had to pay for a service call.  Two days after the repair guy came to tell us we needed a new fridge or rebuild ours, it (the fridge) started working right again.  The fridge fairy sprinkled magic dust and it works, or maybe it’s because MJ took a hammer to the cooling pipes.  We spoke to our buddy Gerald from Quadra Island who told us we were making a big mistake.  He was right.  It has been working fine since.

Went to Yuma yesterday and bought 2 new recliners.  We get them on Tuesday.  hee haw.

The weather is still pretty nice.  High 70s to low 80s.  Wish everyone could have a great life like we have.DSCF8398

Last night’s sunset.




These burros have learned to turn the water faucet on to get a drink.  Now, if only they learned to turn the tap off.

Marie, this is for you only.

You only get a blog when I write one.  If you get my email notifications, you don’t have to check every day.  I am not like some other bloggers, (wink wink) that write their daily activities.  Have a great farewell dinner.