Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We have moved.

Monday, May 21th

We went for a drive to the lake we used to camp for years until the government decided to make it a paying site.  It sure is different than it was back then.  However, the old cabin is still standing. 




The tree planters had set up camp there.


There are no big trees left as most trees in the campsite were pine and they were all diseased by the pine beetle infestation and all had to come down.


May 22, Tuesday

Remember a couple blogs ago we mentioned the dead trees that were so close to our trailer that a big wind could send them crashing on it?  And we were not worried, well, guess what, we were worried.  Today, we moved.  Not far away, just across the creek to a safer spot.  Like the other spot, we love it here.  We actually have a neighbour until Friday. 




Lovely greenery in our front yard.  Notice all the dead pine trees in the background.  That is a come sight in the province of BC.



Yep, have to feed our babies first.



May 23rd, Wednesday

This morning, after our first coffee, we went to get that tree that Lynden fell for us last week and took it to our new spot.


We are off to Logan Lake for dinner at the Black Bull pub, or is it the Blue Bull or the Horny Bull, no, it’s definitely the Black Bull. lol  Charlie, Lynden and Trenton are meeting us there.  Chicken wings night.  Looking forward to that meal.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Victoria Day long week end.

Here it is Friday of a long week end and we are expecting a bunch of people camping across the road from us.  In a way, it would be nice to have someone around except a few chipmunks, stellars jays and hummingbird.  However, it was not meant to be.  It is just as quiet as before.  There were about 30 quads that went by to go toodling in the bush, but aside from that, no more campers. 

Today, Saturday, we had a wonderful visit from our fellow campers from Kamloops;  Louise and Casey.  They are in the process of becoming full time rvers also, so we shared our story of how we decided to rent our home instead of selling it, as they have their home on the market at present.   Casey will be retiring in June, so we are anxiously waiting to see what they will be doing.

Later on in the day, Charlie, Lynden, their sons Trenton and Gregg and grand daughter Caitlin arrived.  The boys then went fishing and the girls went quading.   After that, they came back here and we all had dinner of hot dogs, salad and rhubarb crumple. 

Some of the trees in our front yard are dead of the pine beetle disease and we were wondering how tall they were as we are worried they would fall on the trailer in a wind storm.  Sooo, to solve the matter, I asked Lynden to cut one of the small trees down and I could measure it to see if the other trees would hit the trailer.  Well, the result is not what we wanted to hear, as the trees would definitely hit our trailer.  Are we going to loose sleep over it, no.  Lynden will drop all the dead trees for us in the fall so we can come back here next spring and not worry about dead trees falling on us.

Here are a few pictures of an object that Lynden found today.  If anyone knows what it is, could you let us know.  Also some other pics  take today.







Two of our little buddies




Ice in our water bucket Sat morning.  Must have been cold last night.



My favourite Martian.    Back bone of a moose or deer.



Spider hot dog.  Trenton made this for his niece Caitlin.



Old Wasp’s nest.



The Kirkby clan and MJ




Trenton chopping wood.  Tks, Buddy



Sunday May 20th.

Pretty cold in the morning.  Go for a nice walk.  Started raining a bit around 3 pm.

We are at our friends Charlie and Lynden’s house for dinner for Lynden’s birthday.  Smell good in here right now.  Ribs for din din.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just relaxing

We are in Logan Lake again.  MJ's hair cut didn't happen Tuesday, only today.  Yesterday, the weather turned cooler and a bit of rain, but we still ended up with a campfire for a while in later afternoon. 
Don,t know if we mentioned it, but : WE HAVE RENTED OUR TOWNHOUSE FOR JUNE 1ST.  We are very happy that is done.  Now we can put that behind us.  Will be coming back to LL tonight for Chinese food. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weather has finally turned nice.

In the last 3 days, we have been able to stay up by the campfire later than 6 pm without freezing.  Very nice days. Went to Logan Lake and found a half barrel to make a fire ring.  Found one at a towing and salvage yard.  Thank goodness the dog wasn’t as vicious as the ones you see on TV.  Charlie and Lynden were here for dinner on Friday.  We dog sat their dog while they went to Kamloops to get their truck fixed. They came back with hot dogs and corn on the cob and home made cookies, then a campfire until it was too cold to stay out.

   We finally went fishing today (Sunday 12th).  MJ caught the biggest fish, 18 inches.  Very nice time.  Water was quite cold, but we managed ok.  I gave my 17 inch fish to our neighbours across the road. 

This is our latest resident.


This is a view from where we go for a walk


Ms Lumberjack MJ


Yea, I found a cell connection.


Monday May 14th

Watched Survivor last night and was quite pleased that Kim won, she played a very good game.  Yep, watched on our $5.00 TV that we bought at a garage sale.

Went fishing and could very well have stayed home, because the fish did not want any of our flies.  MJ said she had a couple of bites, but I think she got caught on the bottom.  lol  

On our way to the lake we saw 3 wild horses.  The way one knows they are wild is that the hair on the mane and head are not clipped like tame horses.  Quite nice to see. 

Charlie, Lynden and Gracie May (the dog we dog sat last week) were over for happy hour.




Serious looking Lynden


Gracie May


MJ at Leighton Lake


Wild horses


These two hummingbirds were fighting for the feeder.  In the end, only a third bird got to use the feeder as these two kept fighting.  They are gorgeous.


This is MJ just hanging in there, woops, my mistake, it’s Leona……..

We are going to Logan Lake tomorrow, Tuesday 15th for our milk run.  Bottle depot, grocery store, get water at Lynden and Charlie’s, do the computer stuff and last but not least, MJ will get a haircut.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 5th to 8th

May 5th Saturday
Went to our friends in Logan Lake and ordered diamond drill bits from California to drill holes in the sea glass that Charlie and Lynden brought us from Mexico.  Will be busy making pendants when
these bits come in.
Then went to a home show at the rec centre.  Didn’t see anything we needed since we don’t have a home anymore to clutter.  lol

Lynden & Charlie came over for happy hour, and a campfire.  We are now inside our 5th wheel, being nice and cozy.
MJ put up the nice curtains that Phil (her bro) made for us.  These are in the bedroom, made of black out material.  We didn’t like what was there originally.  We are happy campers, tks Phil.

May 6th Sunday
The sun’s gonna shine tomorrow.  Oh no, it’s shining today.  Gorgeous sunny and warm day.  Had some visitors.  Sam & Jill from Kamloops were here and had lunch with us, then just after they left, Charlie and Lynden came on their quad.

A man stopped by our site and told us about a great  lake to fish at only 8 kms from here, so we hopped in the truck and went to check it out.  Just the right size lake to fish in a float tube.  So, we will check it out tomorrow.  When we were gone scouting, Charlie and Lynden came by and dropped my (L) afghan that Charlie was fixing for me. 

May 7th Monday

Well, a bit of sun today and not warm enough to go fishing.  Went for a nice walk instead.  Took pics of  skeletons of deer or moose.  Quite interesting to see, no meat left at all and the ribs have been chewed also.  Charlie, Lynden and third son Trent came to visit.  Charlie had finished fixing my afghan. 

May 8th Tuesday

We are off to do laundry, and breakfast in Logan Lake.
Left over ribs from supper

Our new resident

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We are home

May 2/2012

Well, I decided to write on our blog in advance as we don’t have internet in the woods, so here goes.  We arrived at our friends Lynden and Charlie on Sat. April 28.  We scouted a spot they had found for us  on Sunday and we loved it and moved  the same day.  There is a stream running behind our 5th wheel and loads of downed trees for fire wood.  It’s only about 10 minutes from Logan Lake.   It’s on crown land, so we can stay here as long as we want. 

It is still a bit cold, but we have a fire going all day.  It actually snowed a bit this morning.  (Denise, I should not have laughed at you.) 

On Saturday, we went to a garage sale and MJ found a small TV for $5.00 that actually works and we can watch some of our favorite shows.   Only get 4 channels, but, hey, we are in the bush, can’t expect miracles.

May 3/2012

Still pretty cold today.   6 C at 9:30 am.   Going into Logan Lake to blog and get supplies.   

Yesterday morning, we were still in bed at 8 am when the tree planters went  up the road and MJ said, “big rush hour this morning” and we both burst out laughing.  It’s really nice to be in such a quiet spot.