Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weather has finally turned nice.

In the last 3 days, we have been able to stay up by the campfire later than 6 pm without freezing.  Very nice days. Went to Logan Lake and found a half barrel to make a fire ring.  Found one at a towing and salvage yard.  Thank goodness the dog wasn’t as vicious as the ones you see on TV.  Charlie and Lynden were here for dinner on Friday.  We dog sat their dog while they went to Kamloops to get their truck fixed. They came back with hot dogs and corn on the cob and home made cookies, then a campfire until it was too cold to stay out.

   We finally went fishing today (Sunday 12th).  MJ caught the biggest fish, 18 inches.  Very nice time.  Water was quite cold, but we managed ok.  I gave my 17 inch fish to our neighbours across the road. 

This is our latest resident.


This is a view from where we go for a walk


Ms Lumberjack MJ


Yea, I found a cell connection.


Monday May 14th

Watched Survivor last night and was quite pleased that Kim won, she played a very good game.  Yep, watched on our $5.00 TV that we bought at a garage sale.

Went fishing and could very well have stayed home, because the fish did not want any of our flies.  MJ said she had a couple of bites, but I think she got caught on the bottom.  lol  

On our way to the lake we saw 3 wild horses.  The way one knows they are wild is that the hair on the mane and head are not clipped like tame horses.  Quite nice to see. 

Charlie, Lynden and Gracie May (the dog we dog sat last week) were over for happy hour.




Serious looking Lynden


Gracie May


MJ at Leighton Lake


Wild horses


These two hummingbirds were fighting for the feeder.  In the end, only a third bird got to use the feeder as these two kept fighting.  They are gorgeous.


This is MJ just hanging in there, woops, my mistake, it’s Leona……..

We are going to Logan Lake tomorrow, Tuesday 15th for our milk run.  Bottle depot, grocery store, get water at Lynden and Charlie’s, do the computer stuff and last but not least, MJ will get a haircut.


  1. yeah... that squirrel does look like Leona LMAO!!!!!
    thanks for the great pics!!!
    Have fun kidos
    Love you both :))

    1. That squirrel is a Marmot. And it looks like me, (so cute and cuddly). lol

  2. Great photos, but I'm sorry those are not wild horses. They look like someone's pampered pets actually, with nice shiny coats and freshly combed manes and tails.

    Hector and Aggie send their love. Do you have tenants yet?


    1. re the wild horses, that's what the locals tell us and they are not fenced in. yessss, we have rented. love to you and the boy and girl

  3. Has it hit you yet that you are now RV Full-timers ?? I was also going to ask for an update re the townhouse rental and if your furniture sold ??