Friday, August 22, 2014

MJ’s Garden and our fancy fencing.

MJ made this gorgeous little garden to feed us, the deer and slugs.  She planted lettuce, radish, kale and tomatoes.  We enjoyed the lettuce and kale and 3 or 4 radishes.  Tomatoes are coming quite nicely.

DSCF9052 DSCF9046

This is what it looked like before,          during

DSCF9055 DSCF9056

and after building.


DSCF9077 DSCF9097

                                                                      The only 4 radishes that came up/




This is what it looks now, tomatoes and a dahlia on it’s second growth after the deer ate it.



DSCF9219 DSCF9090

Two pieces of driftwood we found.