Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday ,Friday, Sat & Sun. May 27, 28, 29 & 30

Lorraine & I went to my niece's Lise (in Edmunston) to help her out with her garage sale. More like a mega sale. She was selling everything but the kitchen sink. Had a great time with her, her hubby Pierre and I finally met my two great nieces: Jessie and Shanie. Cute girls or what. Pierre & I had a fire in the back yard on Friday and Saturday. Saturday rain started around 10:00 pm and had to come in the house. MJ stayed in Charlo and she and Albert finished putting the box on the back of the trailer and painted the back trailer bumper.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26

Nice day. Visit from my friend Aline. Niece Lynn and her friend Sylvie. MJ started her second cold since leaving home. Guess she caught mine. Janice: we finally had our lobsters. We all had a 3 pounder, and for once in my life, I couldn't finish eating it. Getting old I guess. MJ and Albert worked on our stove and we are quite happy with the results. Now we can cook outside when the weather is not nice. Watched Americal Idol and my guy Lee won the competition.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25 - Rain, Rain & more rain.

MJ & Albert went to get the metal this morning to weld our junk box on the back of the trailer bumper. The four of us went to Campbellton to return Albert's rubber boots that were too small, couldn't find another pair that fit. Went grocery shopping. had a quiet evening at the house, Lorraine, MJ & I watch the last two episodes of Grey's Anatomy on the puter.

Monday May 24 - Hot then very cold

Weather started hot, hot, hot, then in late afternoon, the east wind came up and cooled thing down so that we had to put layers of clothes on. MJ and Albert did some of the little things that had to be done for our camping stove. MJ got her lathe out and started making a bowl for Lorraine. Sylvie, Lynn, Blake and Toby came to visit for a couple hours before dinner. Watched the Canadians lose to Philladelphia. Now I don't know who to cheer for since our Canucks are out of the picture, guess will cheer for Chicago since they beat our Canucks. Thunder, lightning and rain during the night.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday May 23rd - Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot day in May. However, nice day with Albert & Lorraine. Showed Albert all we wanted him to do for us while we are here. Like, fix the camping stoves we have. Weld brackets on the back of the trailer to put the metal box we found at a garage sale. Fix the door on our truck canopy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sat May 22 - Gorgeous sunny day

Welcome to everyone following us. You may find some days I feel like the bug, some days I feel like the windshield. Speaking of which, went for a little shopping trip yesterday to buy my bro some new rubber boots, his looked like a patchwork quilt from hell (they are too small, gotta exchange them). MJ & Lynn were sitting in the front of Lynn's car and me in the back. My lucky day. A wasp or bumble bee came in and hit MJ', left lens and went into Lynn's right ear. Lynn didn't know what the heck hit her, she plucked the bug out in a flash and threw it on MJ's seat and MJ picked it up and threw it out. All this was done in about 2 seconds. Screams and movements like thunder and lightening. Funny now, but at the time quite nerve racking. Had dinner here with Lorraine, Albert, MJ, Lynn and her two boys (Blake & Toby). Gotta love those kids. Quiet evening. On a side note, this cold of mine just keeps persisting. Not going away.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another day with wonderful family. May 21

Bro is back from fishing with not much luck, but had a good time alone on the lake. Finally got my s--- together and arranged to have our trailer license plate replaced. Had to report it to police to be able to get a claim number then relayed the number to Doug so he could go to ICBC and get a new plate and decal. What a pile of rubbish. MJ & Lorraine went grocery shopping and I cleaned the dust out of the trailer and washed the windows. My cousin Pierre & his wife Madeleine were here to visit last night. Nice evening.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nice day and evening with friends.

Went to Dalhousie with Lorraine (sister in law) and Blake (5yr old great nephew). Lorraine for tests at hospital and Blake and I to Tim Horton's for Tim bits and dollar store, then to the park while we waited for Lorraine. Had a great time with him. Amazing what kids can say. Then back to the house where Lynn (my niece and other great nephew) Toby came and had a wonderful afternoon and dinner. In the evening, MJ, Lorraine and I were sitting chatting and relaxing when my cousin Norma and her daughter Chantale arrived, then later on, our friend Alice came along. It was a hen fest until about midnight. Bro is still out fishing. Should be coming home today. Better get here soon because the lobsters are calling us.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We made it.

Arrived in Charlo, NB on Sunday and were very glad to get our butts out of that truck. Had a few incidents along the way, but nothing serious: snow in the prairies that swirled in the back of the truck and went in the front window of the trailer and had water all over the table and benches, flat tire on the trailer in North Bay, Ont., hit gravel roads when we took a short cut and cracked a water pipe under the trailer, then someone stole our trailer license plate in Ottawa. MJ caught a cold about 1 week before we got here and now I have one. Went fishing Tuesday and came back yesterday because of my cold. Never caught one fish so will try again. My bro stayed back and he's still there. Waiting to feel better so we can go again. Will try to get some lobster on the week end. Weather is great here. Froze our butts all the way down, but now we are happy. (no Janice, will not tell you what we are eating except the lobsters.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

On our way

Had a great time with Lynden and Charlie (Charlene). Now on our way out today. Will post whenever I get a wifi connection or else you will have to wait til we get to NB. Nice sunny day here. Hope it keeps up.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snow on our first day.

We left Richmond at 2:45 yesterday after getting our truck. We hit snow falling just before getting to our friends in Logan Lake. Bummer. However, the company is great, so we are happy campers. Looking on the news this morning, looks like pretty much all al Canada is getting snow except where we came from. We will do the best of it. Yvon: Demande a Maman de traduire pour toi. Bonjour to everyone.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Truck has given up the ghost.

This morning I parked my truck in front of the claim centre at ICBC and was soon driving it inside to be told that there were no adjusters available for me as I didn't have an appointment. The receptionist was very efficient and called the manager who in turn found an adjuster who was available to take my statement and an hour later I was on my merry way. They will handle everything from their end. The truck had started acting up a couple to 3 days ago and this morning it would miss and wouldn't accelerate properly, so we decided to put some fuel additives in since we had put some US fuel in 2 week ends ago and thought maybe that was the problem. We went out for breakfast and afterwards, put the additive to the test and reved the motor up to 80 kms on a side street and low and behold, our baby decided it was tired and stopped; didn't want to move. Tried and tried to start it, but no go. Got it towed to the Ford dealership and apparently the fuel pump needs to be replaced and it needs a good tune up, including new spark plugs and transmission flushing. So, $2300.00 estimate later we walked out without our baby. The lady at the dealership felt so bad, she gave us a loaner truck for free. Needless to say, our trip is being delayed by 2 days. MJ is still hopeful that we can leave tomorrow afternoon. Hope she is right.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Water damage repairs ARE DONE. yippee

Finally, all the repairs are done. Final day was Friday and everything looks great. We are tired, tired, tired. Had a little fly in the ointment this morning. Went out with 3 people from Alberta, whom we had met while we were staying at the Ramada Inn during the repairs. Drove out to Steveston to show them the fishing boats at the dock with fishermen selling their catch. I parallell parked and when we came back, some smart ass kid with a BMW said that I had backed into his car when I parked. Which none of the 5 people in the truck felt or heard, so we feel that this guy is looking for someone to pay for his bent license plate, (which is all the damage we saw.) Came home and called our insurance company and we have to go see a claims adjuster on Monday morning so they can take a few measurements to determine if we hit this geek or not. So, our trip may be delayed a few hours, as we were going to hit the road early Monday morning. Janice: I will not tell you what we ate, except if it's lobster.