Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer is here, I think. 4 days without too much rain.


Here we all are picking beer and pop cans along the road, quading and my stellars jay picking up peanuts.

It has been very nice weather wise for the last 4 days.  no complaints here.  We went quading and fishing with Clancy and Lorie.  Caught some nice fish in ------- lake.  Forgot the name of it.  lol

Today, Saturday, we are in Clearwater.  MJ at the farmer’s market and me at the laundromat.  That’s right, I do the shitty stuff and she gets to talk to lots of people.  Shitty versus talk, give me shitty any day.

We went to see another campground on Sunday thinking that we may go there and be camp hosts.  We decided against it.  It was too windy and open.  Most of the trees around the campground had to be taken down because of the pine beetle infestation, so it looks pretty bear all around.

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