Saturday, August 25, 2012


First, I must apologize to Kara for having spelled her name wrong.  Sorry Kara with a K.

We are moving to Lone Butte at Lori's and Clancy's house on Sunday or Monday, it got just a bit cold at Goose Lake, so road trip.

Talking of road trips, we went to Kamloops for a bit of shopping and visited with Sam & Jill and lucky for us, Sam's bro, Claude was there.  We had a great visit.

Then yesterdays we drove to Clearwater to get MJ's driver's license renewed.
Today we are (guess where) in Clearwater for the farmer's market and laundry.

Our friends Doug and Vera have left Goose Lake on Friday (yesterday), so pretty quiet these days at the lake.

Tks you Janice and Gerald for correcting my spelling of Kohlarabbi and telling me what it was.

Will publish pics later.


  1. Kohlrabi is the correct way for the spelling of this vegetable. Last tuesday in Edmonton we had one of the worst electrical storms I have ever encountered lasted for 3hr without a break. between the wind and the rain which came down in buckets.Had another one the next night so we decided to leave and are down in Red Deer, will be leaving for Calgary soon. The weather for the most part has cooled down which is ok with us that 40 degree heat was to much.Yes it can get cold up at Goose it wouldn't surprise me if you we're about to get frost. Have a good one!!

  2. Jeeze, I got to get on your case to Blog more often. Only three posts for the whole month of August !!

  3. that anonymous is me. L
    can't seem to reply any other way. will blog later, Denise.

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