Friday, September 21, 2012

Just chillin'

Have been here a week and not a moment to spare.

Dinner with Phil and Doug.

Lunch with Marc. 

Making appointments with friends to meet them for dinner.

Went to see doctor for new meds for the next 6 months.

Changed all our insurance policies, ie. truck, trailer, house to come up for renewal in Sept. and not when we are away.

Checked out several medical travel insurance companies and got really frustrated.  Today, Friday, Sept. 21, we went to BCAA and got the best price and hopefully best coverage yet.  There is a secret to their premium structure that we were told.  If anyone needs insurance and wants to know the secret, let me know.

 Never thought we would become Surrey girls.  lol

We are getting to know the Surrey and White Rock areas as we find where Costco, Save on Foods and other stores are situated. 

We are now in the library at the camp ground, as the wifi does not work anywhere else.  Guess there are worse things than having to walk here and get the net.

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  1. Hey you two! We had BCAA medical/travel insurance when we were full-timing in the US. Had to use it in Texas. The bill was about $12,000 and they covered every penny ... no problem. Great coverage! Hugs!!