Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here we are after over a month since last blog.

A heck of a ride. 

The last couple of weeks on the mainland were pretty busy visiting with friends and family.  Too many to mention and wouldn’t want to miss anyone. 

We had to go to Kamloops to get our stuff that we had stored at Sam and Jill’s house for the winter.  We stayed with them for one evening.  Then, we moved on to Logan Lake to pick up more stuff at the “Kirkby Storage and Loan” ( Lynden and Charlie’s house) and stayed there for a night also.  Great visits with both of them

  Then, finally, it was time to move out of Peace Arch RV park and move  to our new home on Quadra Island.  What a change for the better this place is compared to Peach Arch.  We have not stopped smiling since we got here.

Gerald and Janice have been a wealth of information since we got here and we have spoken or seen them just about every day.  We are making up for all the years we have not seen them.

We have cruise ships going by here every day.  My oh my those suckers are big.  We are like two little kids with our mouths opened wide with awe when one goes by, specially at night.  What a sight.

Pictures of a whole bunch of stuff will follow.  Just wanted to write a note before I got too rusted. 

PS.  We are enjoying this part of our journey immensely.

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