Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just moving on.

Had a great day on Tuesday leaving BC.  Sailed from Victoria to Port Angeles on the MV Coho.  Our friends, Lynn and Wayne were to take the same ferry as us, but missed it by one vehicle.  Good thing we had a reservation.  We waved to them as we left on the ferry.

We stayed at Walmart in Port Angeles after getting off the ferry.

Wednesday, drove to The Dalles, Ore. stayed at Big K Mart.  Today, Thursday, we are at Walmart in Ontario, Ore.  There are several RVs in the parking lot, presumably all going to Arizona.  Tomorrow, we are planning on driving as far as Wells, Nevada.  Will know better by next blog.

We were here just about 5 minutes and our friends from Prince George that we met in Yuma last winter came for a short visit.  They are also on their way to Arizona for the winter.  They are staying at a motel, since they are travelling in a car.

DSCF8349 DSCF8351


Went being tourists before taking the ferry on Tuesday.  here is the Empress hotel and parlement  building


DSCF8354 DSCF8356

The Coho


  1. Did Lynn and Wayne get to overnight in the Coho parking lot? We noticed that they let people do that when we traveled from there, but didn't make the last sailing. We thought that "camping" there for the night would be pretty awesome! You're making good time!

  2. yep, they were allowed in as soon as the lot got empty.

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