Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It is getting warmer and warmer

We did a trial run in kayaks a couple weeks ago.  Had a ball.  No, we are not buying any, they take too much room and we would have to put a rack on the truck to carry them.  And also, too heavy, so we will stick with our float tubes for fishing.

IMG_1407 IMG_1408

Charlie, Donna, Molly and Jazz

IMG_1409 IMG_1411

The two experts.  Stacey was with us, but she took the pics, so she isn’t an any of them.


My mobile with rusted metal found in the desert.

DSCF8640 DSCF8641 


We dog sat Molly while Donna and Mike went to Vegas for a couple days, she is a doll.

DSCF8702 DSCF8705

How can you sleep this way, Molly?

Rod and Candy had us all for a Steak dinner.  What a feast.




This guy lives in a tiny hill behind our trailer.

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