Saturday, March 15, 2014

We have moved from Imperial Dam

On March the 5th, we decided to follow our friends Rod and Candice to Alamo Lake, which is approximately 130 miles from where we were at Imperial Dam.  Let me tell you, it was the day from hell, well, not that bad, but shit happened.

First, I must tell you: Sam and Jill, DO NOT READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.

On our way to our new destination, our blue boy (shit pit)  decided to go on a journey on its own.  It flew off the back of the truck on into oncoming traffic.  Rod was behind us and saw this blue thing flying out of the side of the trailer with a pair of yellow gloves and a set of wheels trying to pass him.  That was the funny part, however, a semi drove into our blue boy and ripped it to shreds.  Lucky that it wasn’t a car that was coming in the opposite direction.  There was no time to avoid it with Rod coming behind us. 


We get to the lake and find the perfect spot and set up.  Then I go in the trailer to check if we get internet, NOT, check the cell phone, NOT,  Check the TV, NOT, the same for Candice and Rod.  So, we decide that we will move the next day and go to Quartzsite, so we get in Candice’s car and go to the restaurant about a mile away at a camping resort.  Yep, you guessed it, it’s closed.  grrrrrr  That afternoon our neighbours were flying these things:

DSCF8851 DSCF8853

I think they are crazy, but to each it’s own.

There was a thingy happening in Q this past week end and we went to a concert by the nudist book store owner Paul Winer.

DSCF8876 DSCF8892

DSCF8867 DSCF8870

Different camels.

DSCF8893 DSCF8894

Rod and Candy fooling around                 MJ putting up the solar panels.

DSCF8897 DSCF8901

Enough for today, see ya later.

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