Monday, March 17, 2014

Last dinner on the Ridge

The second we told our friends Donna, Mike, Charlie and Lynden that we were moving to Alamo Lake, the girls piped up and said that they would cook us dinner before we left and that we were to bring nothing.  (bring nothing) is that good english or what.  And our friends Candy and Rod were told the same thing because we were all leaving the same day.  Well, it was a feast, to say the least.  Along with the 6 mentioned above, there were two more couples:  Ursula and Heinz and also, Arlette and Rolly. So total of 12 including MJ & I.

First, there were appetizers fit for a queen.  Then there was the main course of chilli and chinese lettuce rap.  Buns and what nots.  And for desert: brownies.  To top if off, we had a great big fire going.  (campfire, that is) .  We owe you big time folks.  Better come down next year.

DSCF8834 DSCF8835

DSCF8836 DSCF8837

The wind co-operated and we had to sit in the shade of the trailer because it would have been too hot in the sun.

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